Fabulous Faberge’ Holiday – Part One: Getting It Together

We love  the holidays at Montgomery Antiques & Interiors… putting up a pretty tree, creating holiday tablescapes, and decorating for our holiday open house.  But, all that wonderful Christmas atmosphere doesn’t come together without a lot of planning and teamwork.  We’ve been busy, busy, busy since summertime getting ready for this week’s Big Reveal. How does it all happen? First, we needed an idea. Something different. Hmmm, where to find a look that’s on-trend and colorful but a perfect mix with MAI’s nice antiques?  Ask Google, of course!  A Google search for 2013 Christmas decor trends found our Inspiration Point…

Imperial Russia!

 ” Festive gets an exotic flair as Christmas designers are embracing a Dr. Zhivago-inspired aesthetic.”

“Russian-influenced with gold accents, jewel tones, and decadent materials  jewel tones, emerald paired with aubergine, gold, and crimson.”

“The  luxurious color and opulence  of Imperial Russian arts…. Faberge’ frames & decorative eggs created for the Czar’s family.”

Thanks for the help, Google!

The next step was fun!  To really get our creativity flowing we started pinning… anything and everything evocative of Old Russia and the glory days of Romanov family.



Opulent Jewels & Decorative Objet D’art by Faberge’?

Definite pins!

  Dr. Zhivago Fashion?  Pin It!

Historic Russian Palaces & Churches?

Opulent Imperial Interiors?  Pinned!

Want to see all our idea photos?

Just click below to take a look at our Pinterest board called

Ideas for a Fabulous Faberge’ Holiday

Thanks, Pinterest!  MAI loves you.

Then  the real work began.  With visions of colorful jewels and Faberge’ frames in mind, we went on a hunt for all the creative supplies, vintage items, and antiques we would need to create the Russian elegance of long ago.  Recreating the beautiful artwork of Carl Faberge’ was A Must.   Jana Michaud (MAI’s special events superstar) has designed and handcrafted hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of Faberge’ look-alike ornaments for our Christmas tree.


Can we hear some applause for our talented & hard working Jana?


Brava, Jana!

So, now it’s time for the magic to happen.   We are  putting everything in place  at Montgomery Antiques & Interiors this week.  See it all in the next post “Fabulous Faberge’ Holiday – Part Two: The Big Reveal.”