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Mar 03, 2016
About a year or so ago, I came across a posting on Instagram about the restoration of a bungalow in Mobile, Alabama.  What normally draws me to a post like this is the idea of restoring a historic home, but this was... + continue reading
May 04, 2015
As I continue to see the beautiful items that come into our store each day and my never-ending desire to learn more about them, one of my favorites from the very beginning has been majolica.  It's the color!  The color... + continue reading
Mar 10, 2015
There's something so lovely about the Staffordshire dog, modeled after the King Charles Spaniel, and collected by many people today for their whimsical and endearing qualities.  So what are the origins of this antique... + continue reading
Feb 05, 2015
You may consider inkwells to be extinct; however, many collectors enjoy them, both for their past function, as well as their aesthetic beauty.  I came across this article in the publication Art Etc. News & Views.  I... + continue reading
Jan 09, 2015
Over the Christmas and New Year's break, I was trying to find something inspirational for the front display.  As I searched through several magazines and books, I couldn't quite find the exact room I was looking for; however... + continue reading
Dec 08, 2014
One of my favorite things we do at Montgomery Antiques & Interiors is change out our front store display.  We take items from different dealer spaces and combine them to create a vignette.  This year for Christmas,... + continue reading
Dec 06, 2014
Jere and I had the pleasure of touring the Palmer-Barlow-Britt home in Furman, Alabama, today, and oh, what a pleasure!  The architectural style of the home is coastal cottage, and it is believed to be the first house built... + continue reading
Nov 10, 2014
Somewhere around five years, I visited the Hills & Dales estate in LaGrange, Georgia.  We were on a trip to Callaway Gardens, a favorite getaway spot for our family. Some people like to go to the beach or relax by the... + continue reading
Nov 08, 2014
Coming this week:  Our store is beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the Christmas music is now playing... I can't wait to share photos with you this week!  Here is a little sneak peek of the decorating while in... + continue reading
Nov 03, 2014
Today I want to show you how I store my personal silver and silver plate.  If you are expecting something complicated and fancy, you will be very disappointed!  To use silver in real life, it has to be simple.  Who... + continue reading