Say “I Do”… Gatsby Style!

Something old is the something new in bridal trends for 2014.  Vintage glam is back in a big way this year. Brides are planning weddings with the  classic  elegance  of weddings that happened decades ago, when their great grandmothers were brides.

 Their inspiration?
‘The Great Gatsby’


The  recent film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is directing bridal couture & wedding decor trends in a more formal (yet fun) direction.  Sleek & elegant 1920s Art Deco is the most desirable wedding look of this year.



“The return to romance ushers in a new love for the formality of days gone by.  Think white-gloved waiters and big band dancing, crystal candlesticks, and gold-rimmed china.  It’s the look of ‘The Great Gatsby’ … a bubbly, approachable elegance of the Roaring Twenties.”
- Bridal Guide Magazine

“Think less whitewashed furniture and more classic mid-century. “ - Erin Taylor of Bustle Events, California

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“People are  going for an old world glamour kind of vibe.” - Sara Burnett, the editor of wedding-inspiration blog Burnett’s Boards

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Gatsby Style is more than a theme… it’s a trip back in time if done well with true-to-the-era vintage finds that set a tone of relaxed glamour & romance.