How to Avoid Seven Years Bad Luck

Mirrors are beautiful.  They add style and drama to any setting.  Mirrors add the illusion of space and amplify light in a room.  But, if you don’t use the proper tools for hanging that heavy mirror, chances are good that it will come crashing to the  floor.  What a waste!  So preventable.

All mirrors, not just large ones, are heavy.  There is a right and a wrong way to hang heavy things on the wall. You can’t just grab your toolbox, fish out a couple of nails or screws, hang the mirror on the wall, and expect it to stay there, because it won’t.  A wide range of mounting hardware to keep objects securely in place when hung is available in any home repair store.  You’ll need to know the weight of your mirror and the type of wall to select what is best to use.



Always use heavy duty D-rings (no picture wire) and wall anchors of the correct type and size for the wall.  Most new mirrors already have D-rings installed on the vertical parts of the frame.  Never run picture wire through the D-rings.  Install one anchored screw in the wall for each D-ring.  Two hangers are better than one to evenly distribute the weight and reduce stress on the frame and the wall.

Always us wall anchors, not just nails and hooks, for hanging mirrors.  Anchor devices go into drywall and wall studs or other materials to solidly secure heavy items.  Look for winged, threaded, or sleeve-type anchors that are appropriate for the type of wall, and put one into the wall for each D-ring. Hang the D-rings directly on the anchors.

Now your beautiful mirror will stay on the wall where it belongs.  Seven years of bad luck?  Not at your house!